W.A.Ve. 2017

Iuav as a global academic institution in the field of reconstruction, in association with UN ESCWA and other international organizations, joined forces to arrange an international summer workshop on Syrian post-war reconstruction that will be hosted in Venice Italy from the 26th of June to the 14th of July, W.A.Ve. 2017 workshops.
W.A.Ve. workshops that see the participation of over 30 professors and more than 2.000 students from all over the world.

Our mission is to promote greater awareness of the current situation of Syria, to focus the attention of the global architectural culture on the urbicide of Syrian cities and to fully reaffirm the membership of the country in the cultural heritage of humanity. Even if it may be considered premature to think about reconstruction after this devastating Civil War, a discussion on the post-war rebuilding with an international approach could be a massive plus for the future of the country.

A public debate on the subject plays an essential role in ensuring a strong sense of international community by providing skills, knowledge, information, understanding, choice and freedom to all the students. An international workshop on Syrian reconstruction with the world’s leading experts involved, is an extraordinary occasion to promote a sense of belonging to a common culture.

Syria is one of the most important cultural heritage of humanity and it needs an international discussion on the reconstruction. The intent of Wave 2017 is to keep the attention on Syria’s struggles high and rise the awareness on the ongoing urbicide. With this workshop Iuav, as a global institution in the field of reconstruction, wants to promote a constructive debate and help the future young leaders in the regeneration of the country.

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